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  • Phonemic Awareness
    Phonemic Awareness

    Importance of Phonemic Awareness Skills

    Overall, the development of phonemic awareness skills continue to lag behind language comprehension in the statewide ECBG data. By the end of the 2018-2019 evaluation year, only 40% of children assessed with the myIGDIs Literacy+ were on track in phonemic awareness. This document provides a brief summary of the evidence of the importance of phonemic awareness and provide resources for improving this skill in PreK aged children.

  • Excel Pivot Table
    Pivot Table Tutorial

    The following tutorials are intended to help those not familiar with Excel to produce tables that will help summarize your data. For example, they can be used to help determine how many children have been assessed with a measure and how many times a measure has been completed for that child. These tables are called Pivot Tables and are features in Excel for both Windows and Mac users.

  • Dialogic Reading Training
    Dialogic Reading Training

    KCCTF Training & Evaluation

    Kim McDowell, PHD, CCC-SLP School of Education Wichita State University

  • reading
    Emergent Literacy Development

    Emergent literacy skills are the basic building blocks for learning to read and write. Emergent literacy skills begin developing in early infancy and early childhood through participation with adults in meaningful activities involving talking and print.


  • fam reading
    Effectiveness of a Parent-Led Early Language Program

    A study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry evaluated the effectiveness of a parent-led early language program compared to a motor skills program in preschool age children. The primary goal was to assess whether the oral language program would prompt advances in early language and reading skills relative to children who were in the motor skills program. Children were randomly assigned to either the oral language or motor skills programs. The two programs were delivered by parents at the same intensity: 20-minute sessions, 5 days each week for 30 weeks.